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  Tianjin Ace Pillar

Since 1993, Tianjin Ace Pillar Co. Ltd. as a subsidiary of Ace Pillar Group, introduced advanced foreign products with it's rich experience in applications. It introduces into China's Machinery Manufacturing Industry an integrated solution that is both flexible and efficient. This comprehensive solution covers purchasing, secondary processes, warehousing, logistics, sales, after-sales services. Tianjin Ace Pillar is presently located in the Tianjin Airport Economic Area, an area of 23,000 square meters. Establishing 14 other branches and cooperating with other distributors to provide a sales and service network covering the whole of China. Serving Machinery Manufacturing, Industrial Automation, Aviation & Aerospace, Electrical Power, Metallurgy, Petrochemical, Medical etc..

 With a proven track record of reliable services over time, Tianjin Ace Pillar has built intimate relationships with many prestigious international manufacturers and major customers. We have become a super highway for the introduction of advanced technology and products to manufacturing companies located in China. Further,

· To expedite and maintain close-proximity services, we have established  service offices across China.

· To maintain sophisticated and professional services to machine equipment manufacturers we have especially setup the Product Division.

· To maintain comprehensive and systematic services to customers of different industries, we setup the System Engineering Department so as to provide comprehensive, sophisticated total services in various ways to different industries.

With the upgrading of our e-business software, Tianjin  Ace Pillar eventually can provide online services to assist customers in making purchase orders, checking delivery time, and to provide technical support and other relevant information.

Copyright:Tianjin Ace Pillar Enterprise Co., Ltd. No.3 West 10 Avenue, Tianjin Airport Economic Area, Tianjin, China P.C:300308 TEL:022-24891997 FAX:022-23556368
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